Song Books and CDs

I have been writing music for children since the early 1970s. Many of my songs are to be found in collections of children’s songs published by Schott, A & C Black, Universal, O.U.P., Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, MGP …

The most successful songs are published in six books by Tinderbox Music

Many of the lyrics deal with familiar events, feelings, values and choices, even though they are grouped under the headings Food, Minibeasts, Weather, Christmas, African & Caribbean Music, Simple Songs & Games.

The books are written so as to be of equal value to experienced and musically less confident teachers, with notes that are clear and cover a wide range of musical activities suitable for children at KS1 or KS2.

For each book a CD of recorded accompaniments is available, each piece is recorded with and without the vocal line. In some cases a third, slowed down version allows for rehearsal.


Melody & guitar chord symbols ( some piano )

As the title implies, this material is suitable for children aged between 3 – 9. The focus is on simple musical activities to develop elementary listening and performing skills. The imaginative accompaniments help children to quickly learn the songs, and join in with body music, actions and classroom instruments.

Book & CD: £15

AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN resource pack

Melody, guitar chord symbols, piano and percussion, arrangements

This resource pack owes its popularity to the fact that it successfully makes a bridge between authentic African & Caribbean music and the realities of a Primary school classroom. The material is accessible to children but not childish, so can be used with children aged between 5 – 13.

Book & CD: £15


Melody, guitar chord symbols, piano

This is a celebration of the variety and availability of food throughout much of the world, while at the same time acknowledging the needs of the world’s hungry. There are songs about the food chain, how food is grown, gathered, prepared, stored and distributed. Suitable for children aged between 7 – 11.

Book & CD: £15


Melody, guitar chord symbols, piano

This is a light-hearted exploration of the characteristics of small creatures in relation to children’s own experience of being small, different, unpopular, changing as you grow. Suitable for children aged between 6 – 11.

Book & CD: £15


Melody, guitar chord symbols, piano

This collection contains fresh and exciting new ideas for your Christmas entertainment. There are 15 songs and a ready made play which combine the Christian story and the traditional festival of good will. Suitable for children aged between 6 – 11

Book & CD: £15


Melody, guitar chord symbols, piano & classroom instruments

The songs and listening games which appear in this collection use the weather as an excuse to introduce a wide range of musical activities, from simple action songs to more challenging material involving classroom instruments. Suitable for children aged between 6 – 11.

Book & CD: £15